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My dear sister, tí ó lẹ́wà, tí ó ní íwà, tí ó mọ àpọ́nlé ṣe,  tí ó mọ iṣẹ́ ṣe, tí óbí àwọn ọmọ ológo, pẹ̀lú ọkọ tí ó gbáyì, tí wọ́n gba ẹ̀kọ́, tí wọ́n ṣe oríre. O ṣé modúpẹ́ púpọ̀.

You both surprised me and surpassed my expectations on another level yesterday. Thank you of all you both did in your elegant, smooth operations with great beautiful results well delivered sterling services. You continue to jọ mí ló jú o.

The guests had a relaxed and beautiful time. The feedback was unbelievable. Music was on another level my brother is a natural in what he's doing. Please let him know that I'm very so grateful indeed. The Lord will continue bless you, keep you, shine His face upon you and be gracious to you in Christ Jesus name..

Enjoy the bank holiday.

60th Birthday celebration -@Chiltern Hotel Ade&Ade @60


Thanks so much Vickieteddies Everyone was talking about you .. we really enjoyed your service .. we are busy having fun throughout.. Thank you again .. That was excellent. Cheers 


Well what can i say!!! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME kids party experience. The Vickie Teddies Plus team are certainly on point. The energy, the entertainment & games for the kids the mascots, professional face paint makeup artist, the list goes on. I couldn't fault the constant flow of relevant music & the way you both worked it in terms of musical chairs/statues OMG! Almost 8 hours of KIDS fun... sorry grown ups! that's for another occasion!!
Carmella & Quawntae

I knew we were gonna have fun since I saw it was VickieTedddies! I'm the birthday boy's sister and I really did even my friends did too! Thank you Miss!
Ese Aidenojie

Thank you for my face painting I really love my beautiful butterfly, cos I never really had one this nice before !thank you.

We had so much fun, I wonder how you get so much energy, we were all very thrilled, well done Vickie Teddies.
Anita Antyalin

Ahhh, good jo vickieteddies! Very lovely day ,you really made our children happy. They loved every bit of it. Thank you very much we will surely recommend you to our friends.
Dani Motors

Thanks for a nice party miss we had fun!

Thank you, VickieTeddies,you are so good, we enjoyed ourselves! Will surely recommend you!

Very good entertainer,you made my sons party proper groovy! Thanks will definitely be using you again!
Remi kamson

Thank you very much VickieTeddies you made every body happy, they sure had fun! We should be calling you back soon!

Weldone vt, we love your party, it waa a lovely time! Timi is really pleased thank you very much!

Really kool entertainer. Thanks I had fun with the games!
Roberts Smith

You are so funny, even made me a model with my one leg. I had to try to pose, ahhh really lovely day! Well done.

Thank you very much sister for making my birthday so joyful and for the lovely gifts. Everyone enjoyed the day! Thank you. Remain Blessed.
Angellika Rek

I won the best Teddy of the day in my favourite game and I'm really happy. Thank you miss. You are the best!

Thanks vickieteddies you really made our Twins's birthday the talk of the town, everyone had fun, both kids and adult, will definitely be back for more!
Mrs Olusola

J and J 's party was soo good, we had loads of fun, thank you VickieTeddies!

I really love my face painting so cool! Thank you miss!

I like candy floss and popcorn especially the VickieTeddies one.thank you very much for bringing them to my party!

So happy to see winnie de pooh at my cousins birthday,thank you VickieTeddies!
Martina Davies

Thanks for my facepainting I look like a fairy princess! I'm so happy!
Cherise Maiden

You really did well at Divines party, we all loved the military camp game! Well done VickieTeddies may God take you places.


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