Ade&Ade @60

My dear sister, tí ó lẹ́wà, tí ó ní íwà, tí ó mọ àpọ́nlé ṣe,  tí ó mọ iṣẹ́ ṣe, tí óbí àwọn ọmọ ológo, pẹ̀lú ọkọ tí ó gbáyì, tí wọ́n gba ẹ̀kọ́, tí wọ́n ṣe oríre. O ṣé modúpẹ́ púpọ̀.

You both surprised me and surpassed my expectations on another level yesterday. Thank you for all you both did in your elegant, smooth operations with great beautiful results well delivered sterling services. You continue to jọ mí ló jú o.

The guests had a relaxed and beautiful time. The feedback was unbelievable. Music was on another level. My brother is a natural in what he’s doing. Please let him know that I’m very grateful indeed. The Lord will continue to bless you, keep you, shine His face upon you and be gracious to you in Christ Jesus name.

Enjoy the bank holiday.
60th birthday celebration